MLK Community Medical Group

What we do here matters

For our patients, our community of South LA, and for all of Los Angeles. You can be a part of what we do every day.

Our doctors

The MLKCH Medical Foundation is operated as part of an integrated delivery system. It allows for seamless coordination of the health and management of our patients between our clinic and the main hospital facility.

Male hospital administrator leaning down to shake the hand of older male patient lying in hospital bed

Our nurses

Because of the standing of our hospital, our clinics can take advantage of the hospital’s resources. That means we can implement advanced technology to care for our patients, as well as offer the convenience of things like electronic medical records (EMR).

White nurse holds hand and smiles at Black female patient lying in hospital bed

MLK Community Medical Foundation Evolution towards greater physician integration

Our plan

  • Grow to 60 physicians
  • Provide health care services through an agreement with a multispecialty medical group of 26 or more physicians
  • Create a new professional corporation for our medical group to employ physicians who only contract with MLK Community Medical Foundation
  • Apply for tax-exempt status

More clinics. More care.

As a 501(c)(3) foundation, we can build more clinics to expand our reach of care to the communities we serve. In order to do this, we must

  • Conduct medical research and health education while providing care through 40 or more independent contractor physicians and surgeons, at least 2/3rds of who practice at the clinic full-time
  • Ensure that our physicians and surgeons represent 10 or more board-certified specialties