Maps & directions

For life-threatening emergencies
Call 9-1-1 or go to the closest emergency room

Maps & directions

Facade of MLK Rosecrans clinic

Rosecrans clinic
2251 W Rosecrans Avenue
Suite 18-21
Compton, CA 90222

M – F 7am to 7pm
Sat – Sun Closed 

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Facade of MLK Wilmington Clinic

Wilmington clinic
12021 N Wilmington Avenue
Building 11, Suite 1000
Los Angeles, CA 90059

M – F 8am to 5pm
Sat – Sun Closed

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Emergency room entrance

Emergency room
1680 E 120th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90059

Entrance is off 120th Street, between Wilmington Avenue & Healthy Way 

Open 24 hours,
seven days a week

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Visitors welcome

MLKCH is excited to share that visitors
are now allowed back at the hospital

Revised as of 7/19/21