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What to bring to the hospital

Coming in to see us? Here are some things we’ll need.

We know that during an emergency you may not be able to bring important things with you to the hospital. But if you're waiting for an ambulance at home—and if it's safe—collect the following items to help us give the best care.

What to bring when you come to the hospital emergency room

  • Insurance cards
  • The name of your doctor
  • A list of all medications and supplements you are currently taking, and how much of each
  • A list of any medicines to which you are allergic
  • The name and phone number of any pharmacy used for your medications
  • A driver’s license, state ID card, or passport
  • Credit card

Please leave the following items at home

  • Anything valuable
  • Cash
  • Jewelry

If it turns out you, or your family member, needs to stay overnight at the hospital, knowing what to bring with you can help make your stay easier. Please also take a moment to read more about personal belongings in the below PDF. 

We care for your belongings
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What to bring someone who is staying overnight at the hospital

  • Personal things like a toothbrush and toothpaste, lotions or creams, hair brushes
  • Comfortable clothes, including something to sleep in
  • Eyeglasses or hearing aids, with extra batteries for the hearing aids
  • Dentures and a storage case
  • Books or tablet
  • Charger for mobile phone or tablet