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Together, we’re working to make healthcare access possible for everyone

Our Advocates program recognizes the individuals who show their support for MLK Community Healthcare with a major gift.

The individuals and couples featured on this page are leaders. In making annual gifts of $1,000 and above, Advocates demonstrate their passion for our mission—and their deep belief in our ability to achieve it. Their giving excites us daily in our work and rallies others to get to know us. We’re grateful for their support.

Become an Advocate

Make an annual gift of $1,000+ per year or a monthly credit card gift of $84 or more to join the Advocates network.

MLKCH Stories: Investing in South LA
Middle-aged white woman smiling next to middle-aged Black woman at an event


Advocates have an inside view to community health in action and can witness the impact of their giving through a robust year of programming opportunities.

  • Behind-the-scenes tours
  • Access to special events
  • Ongoing MLKCH news updates
  • Online membership listing

Our members

Helen Abascal
Manuel Abascal
Ruben Aguayo
Cynthia Ambres
Penny Amescua
Brad & Susan Armstrong
Dr. Anthony Arredondo
Jacqueline Avant
Chris Bannerman
Dr. Elaine Batchlor
Ike and Erica Barinholtz 
Lisa Baxter
Carol Biondi
Tom Bouquet
Peter & Judy Blum Kovler
In memory of Barbara Bugajska
Susan Burrows
Alexandra Cameron
Joseph Canas
Dr. Oscar Casillas
Bruce & Toni Corwin
Thomas Craig & Rebecca Alson-Milkman
Laury Creyaufmiller
Eddie Delbridge
Tracy Donegan
John Fallon
Dr. John Fisher
Kate Folb
Dr. PK Fonsworth
The Forbes Ervin Family
Philippe Gabler
Maria Gaytan
Dr. Walid Ghurabi
Andrew Goddard
Evan Goldberg
Jonathan Goldin
Dr. Larry Halem
Augustavia Haydel 
Silvio Hernandez
Robert Israel 
Anne Jarmain

Hank Johnson
Matthew Johnson
John Karubian
Paul King
Judy and Peter Klum
John & Sarah Kobara
Sherry Lansing
Deborah Laub
Daniel Lin
Peter & Marie Laugharn
Bill Lawrence 
Richard Lieb
Jeffrey Linton
Claudia & Jim Looney
Philip Lord
Robert Lowry
Danny Lujan
Dr. Robert & Lisa Margolis
Liz Mason
Craig Mazin
Eva McGhee
Scot McIntosh
Aline McKenna
Tina Meier
Lanning Melville
Janine Micucci and Dennis Beaubien
Rita Minjarez
Accie Mitchell
Steve & Rita Moya
Bonnie Mueller
Dr. Narleski and Sharon Johnson
Cynthia Patton
Barbara Paullin
Margo Peck
Dr. Kristine Penner and Steven Klein
Sharon Perez
Linda Perry
Micheal Petaia
Denise Pines

Sabah Pirani
Bruce Pollack
Dr. Jorge Reyno
Tamara Ritchey Powers
Monica Rodriquez
Larry & Jane Rosen
Sally Rudoy
Tom Safran
Donald Scales
David Schindler
Christine Schmitz
Judith Shore
Connie Smith
Paddy Spence 
Marc & Eva Stern
Dyan Sublett & Alan Echeverria
Aleksander Szlam
Mitchell Thomas
Annie Thomas
Tammy Turner
Bishop Kenneth Ulmer
Iluminada Victorino
Lisa Vizconde & John Murphy
Zaya Wade
Gabrielle Union-Wade & Dwyane Wade
Monica Waite
Usaha Wankanok
Jeff Walker
Kyle Walton
Victor Marshand Webb
Mary Weiler
Jonathan Westall
Keith Wolfe
Dionne Word
Robert A. Wyman
Julius Yorac
Stephanie Yost
Pardis Zomorodi


Please contact Priscilla Valencia, Director, Annual Giving

To mail your gift, please download this form & mail to address indicated on the form.