Dr. Batchlor, a middle-aged Black woman, smiling next to her mom
Vaccine hesitancy become personal
The Atlantic features Dr. Batchlor's essay on her mother's vaccine hesitancy

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LA Care Awards $500,000 to support COVID-19 post-discharge clinic

L.A. Care Health Plan has awarded $500,000 to MLKCH for the MLKCH Post-Discharge Clinic treating South Los Angeles residents dealing with the long-term effects of COVID-19.

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Close up of older Black female patient smiling

‘This is home,’ Says Valerie Suarez

As a new mom working through a pandemic, Valerie Suarez knows a new form of compassion. Today, she finds pride in giving towards her community. 

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Portrait of Valerie Suarez, a young Latina transporter, smiling

‘Never give up,’ A Pharmacist’s Journey Through COVID-19

Nubar Petikyan knows loss that came from COVID-19. He gives back to honor his loved ones. 

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Nubar Petikyan, a young male Armenian pharmacist, in the pharmacy
Black and white portrait of Dr. Oscar Casillas, a middle-aged Latino doctor
A collage of the hospital facade, a Black mom holding her child, a close up of a female nurse with a mask