Lydia Boyd holding prop baby
A Free Clinic for Moms & Its Champion
The lactation educator serving South LA mothers and babies

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A Free Clinic for Moms & Its Champion

Lactation Educator Lydia Boyd reflects on her experience breastfeeding her premature baby without needed support from healthcare providers. Today, she dedicates herself to educating the mothers of South LA to ensure no one else faces breastfeeding challenges alone.

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Lydia Boyd holding a prop baby in her lap

Lessons from the end of her mother's life 

As her mother declined, Dr. Elaine Batchlor experienced firsthand the structural racism that underlies the American medical system.

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Vaccine hesitancy becomes personal

MLKCH, CEO Dr. Batchlor wrote in The Atlantic about her mother's hesitancy to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Photo of Dr. Batchlor standing next to her mom
Black and white portrait of Dr. Oscar Casillas, a middle-aged Latino doctor
A collage of the hospital facade, a Black mom holding her child, a close up of a female nurse with a mask