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Community programs

Are you ready for a healthier you?

Take action today and sign up for our nutrition classes, community barbershop events, and free flu shot events! 

We put you at the center of your care, with a personalized plan that addresses your unique situation and needs. Let us help connect you to community support and resources to keep you on track and feeling your best.


know your basics
recipes for health
addressing homeless needs

Addressing homeless needs

Street medicine offers follow up, supports compliance and disease management, and connects South LA community members to social services and other needs.

In home health

In home health


Remote monitoring and biometric devices for home-based patient management.

Man up

Man Up!


Get a screening free at your local community barbershop. Get your community resources, health education, and health insurance in one place.

You Can

Our You Can program brings hospital employees and doctors into classrooms and brings students to the hospital to learn about nutrition and health. In the schools, we talk with students about jobs in healthcare. In the hospital, we welcome students who learn about hygiene, how to prevent getting sick and how to select healthy foods—students even take a cooking class and bring home a recipe. We want students in our community to be healthy as well as the options for them to to work in healthcare when they grow up.

you can