Medical records release

Another doctor or healthcare provider—such as a health clinic—may need to see your medical records from your visit to our hospital. We cannot share your medical information, such as test results or treatment, without your permission.

The form on this page is to give us permission to share your hospital medical record.

Authorization for use or disclosure of patient health information
– EN
Autorización de uso o divulgación de información de salud de un paciente
– ES

Need more help?

How do I get a copy of my birth certificate? Or my child’s birth certificate?

Contact the Los Angeles County Registrar Recorders Office to get birth records. Their phone number is 800-201-8999. The office closest to us is 7807 S Compton Ave, Room 102, Los Angeles, CA 90001.

How do I get a social security card?

To apply for a social security card please go to the Social Security Administration website.

How do I get copies of my medical records?

If you were a patient at MLKCH between May 2015 to today, please call our Medical Records department at 424-338-8006 for assistance with the following

  • Questions about your medical record
  • Obtaining a copy of your full record
  • Requesting an invitation to MyCare Patient Portal

For technical assistance with MyCare patient portal, contact our data interoperability team by sending an email to

If you were a patient at either the old King/Drew Medical Center or the King-Harbor Medical Center (1972 – 2007), you’ll have to ask the MLK Outpatient Center to help you find your records. They’re right next door to us at 1670 E 120th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90059. Their phone number is 424-338-1000.