Portrait of young Latino man

Alex Rivera

Supervisor for Social and Community Services, MLKCH

Alex Rivera is the Supervisor for Social and Community Services at MLK Community Healthcare (MLKCH). Born and raised in South LA, Rivera’s passion for making a difference comes from witnessing firsthand the challenges many residents face, including poverty, lack of access to healthy foods, healthcare disparities, and limited resources. 

In 2017, Rivera played an integral role in establishing Ambulatory Social Services at MLKCH and became the department’s first social worker. Leveraging 15+ years of experience in underserved communities, Rivera built Social Determinants of Health into the program and established a comprehensive outreach program to connect community members experiencing homelessness to education and medical services. He is also a key leader for MLKCH’s successful Recipe for Health program, which helps patients address food insecurity and learn about healthier food options.