The Dream Show 2024 smashed records with 185000 broadcast viewers and incredible 130% increase from 2023. Get ready for big things in 2025 as we continue to shine a spotlight MLK Community Healthcare and our amazing community!

The Dream Show 2024

Saturday, January 13, 2024
7:00pm PST | Online

Explore the highlights from this year's show. Dive deeper into the stories of MLKCH's relationship with our beloved South LA—entrepreneurs and future leaders alike who inspire change through their hope, healing, and purpose.

Watch as Anthony Allen Ramos takes us on a journey of the place we call home.

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Community Services

Being from South LA gives me the opportunity to help those that have struggled the same way I did as a child... I understand sometimes their anguish, the stress that they're in just trying to have both ends meet.

Alex Rivera
Supervisor for Social and Community Services, MLKCH
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It's like presenting the mother with a gift she's been awaiting for the longest time. Like the best gift on the face of the earth. For me, being a part of that is a privilege that I can't explain. It's a gift to be a part of that miracle.

Angela Sojobi
Lead Midwife, MLKCH
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Career Fellows Program

I know I can stop whenever I want, but why do less when you can do more?

Diego Canchola
Career Fellow, MLKCH
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Musical performance by Joy Oladokun

I wanted to write about the power that we all have to do good or bad in this world—and for me, I'm trying to do more good than bad.

Joy Oladokun
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The thing that's brought me the greatest joy is the ability to to solve a problem that is actually helpful. Doing something that actually brings value to people. It truly makes me feel good about what we do.

Kameale C. Terry
Co-Founder, and Chief Executive Officer, ChargerHelp!


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Community-Based Care
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I honestly never thought I was going to live past 25, and when I hit that mark, I was ecstatic. It's such a blessing.

Justin Lopez
MLKCH patient
Doctor standing with two nurses
Black woman

I know that some of the kids might just be here because they're hungry or need clothes, but they know at the end of the day that they're loved.

Jose Hernandez
Lead Pastor, Hope Central Watts
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