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Understanding Our Community

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Improving health requires a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and obstacles to good health that our community faces. MLKCH regularly conducts community health needs and benefits assessments that help us to understand and address health disparities.

Find our complete community health reports below:

Community Health Needs Assessment & Implementation Strategy

At least once every three (3) years, the IRS (REG 106499-12) requires us to: administer a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) to surface areas of high community needs; and to craft a complementary Implementation Strategy to address those needs.

Our 2020 CHNA and 2017 reports are available via the PDF links below.

We value your input on the Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Strategy. Please send your comments and questions to Jorge Reyno at



Community Benefit Report

Documenting community benefits is an annual requirement for nonprofit hospitals under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Download our annual community benefit report below.