Don’t delay care. Your safety is our #1 priority.

Scared of coming to the hospital because of COVID-19? It’s far riskier to delay needed care.  MLKCH is committed to keeping you safe at our hospital and health clinics. 

Here is a list of safety precautions we’re taking:

Telehealth/Telemedicine Appointments

  • We are offering telehealth/telemedicine appointments in place of in person appointments. During that virtual appointment, the patient’s care is assessed to determine the need for an in-person appointment. 
  • We encourage all patients to first speak with a doctor via their health plan’s free or low-cost telehealth appointment system.  Here is how to make a telehealth appointment.

In-person screenings

  • At the hospital, all patients are screened in a private tent prior to entering our Emergency Department.  Anyone with suspected COVID-19 is routed immediately to a separate triage tent.
  • At our clinics, all patients are screened for COVID symptoms prior to entering our facility.  Those with likely symptoms of COVID are immediately placed in a private room.

Protective equipment

  • All patients, regardless of condition, are given a mask upon entry to our treatment spaces.
  • All MLKCH staff wear masks and other protective equipment at all times to ensure safety.  This equipment is replaced after each interaction with a patient.
  • Treatment areas are thoroughly wiped down with antibacterial and antiviral cleaning products before and after a patient is seen.

Front Desk Shields

  • Shields have been installed at front desk check in points to provide barriers between patients and staff.   

Social Distancing 

  • Patients in waiting rooms are masked and placed 6 feet from one another to maintain social distancing.

Appointment Confirmations

  • We are confirming appointments and addressing these questions with patients so they know exactly what to expect when they come in. 

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