MLK Community Healthcare strengthens their workforce and South LA’s health with more than half a million dollars in grants from Bank of America


From the height of the pandemic through present as healthcare faces financial crisis, Bank of America’s grants have accumulated to more than $600,000  

July 13, 2023 –South Los Angeles has long suffered poor health outcomes, in part due to a critical shortage of healthcare professionals needed to serve the community. To compound this long-standing problem, healthcare organizations throughout California are experiencing a financial crisis triggered by inflation and labor costs. According to a recent report from national health care management consulting firm, Kaufman Hall, 20% of California hospitals are at risk of closure while 52% are losing money daily. In delivering on its mission to improve health in its community, MLK Community Healthcare (MLKCH) faces multiple pressures.

The need for a diverse workforce of highly trained nurses and healthcare professionals in South LA along with building pathways to well-paying/high-demand careers serves as Bank of America’s motivation to support MLKCH with an investment of $601,500 to date. A recent additional grant of $50,000 underscores this commitment.

At the height of the pandemic, when South LA became the virus epicenter, Bank of America responded by providing support for compassionate and quality healthcare. Since then, Bank of America has been a committed partner to MLKCH. Their gifts have helped the award-winning health system provide care directly and invest in nurses and future healthcare professionals: 

  • Direct support:  A grant to provide the lifesaving COVID-19 vaccine to the community in both MLKCH care centers and via MLKCH mobile health units throughout South Los Angeles.
  • Workforce development: Support for nurse training in various levels of their careers, with emphasis on adding diversity to all areas of the healthcare workforce:  
    • A new graduate Nurse Residency program for 75 nurses that provides hands on clinical experience.
    • A Nurse Fellowship program to support 50 nurses’ advancement into a nurse specialty area and leadership opportunities.
    • COPE Scholars, a program that invests in future healthcare professionals by providing a first-hand experience program in healthcare to students.

“MLK Community Healthcare is a vital institution for millions of Angelenos, not just in providing critical healthcare to underserved communities but also providing career training in high-demand fields. Bank of America is  proud to partner with  MLKCH during these challenging times,” said Aja Baker, senior vice president of Bank of America and MLKCH Dream Council member, a select circle of leaders working to impact the health and wellness of South Los Angeles. “As a South Los Angeles native, it’s  important for me to ensure major companies like the one I work for  is contributing to positive outcomes for this community.” 

“Bank of America understands how critical it is for this community to have access to high-quality community-based healthcare delivered by professionals who look like them and understand their experiences and the importance of workforce development,” said Dyan Sublett, president of the MLK Community Healthcare Foundation. “Beginning with the pandemic through today’s challenging financial healthcare landscape, Bank of America has supported MLKCH when we have needed it most.” 

Learn more about MLKCH and its mission to provide high-quality care to the medically underserved community of South LA at and on social media @yourMLKCH.

About MLK Community Healthcare: MLK Community Healthcare is an integrated healthcare delivery system that serves the medically underserved community of South Los Angeles. MLKCH offers emergency and inpatient care through its hospital, MLK Community Hospital, and primary and specialty care through the MLK Community Medical Group, with practice sites in multiple locations throughout South Los Angeles. MLKCH also offers community health education and outreach to improve the health of our community. Since its opening in 2015, the hospital and health system has earned awards and headlines for its innovative approaches to quality, safety, and patient satisfaction. 

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