Before baby is born

Looking for support, guidance and expert care during your pregnancy?  You’ve come to the right place.

MLK Community Healthcare provides moms-to-be with the support and care to have a safe and healthy pregnancy.  Our exceptional obstetrician-midwife team will ensure you reach the important milestones in your baby’s development and receive the guidance and support you need to feel comfortable and prepared. 

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Call (424) 529-6755 to make a prenatal appointment or email us at: Want to give birth at MLKCH?

Meet your prenatal care team

Meet our OBGYN

Dr. Danny Dan is a board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist (OBGYN) and the Medical Director for Maternal Child Health at MLKCH. Dr. Dan has helped deliver thousands of babies over a two-decade career.  His caring and sympathetic bedside manner earned him a 5-star rating on

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Meet our registered nurse midwife

With nearly 28 years of experience and a doctorate in nursing practice, Dr. Angela Sojobi is a leader in safe, supportive midwife-assisted maternity care.  A recipient of the prestigious Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nursing Faculty, Angela has helped thousands of MLKCH moms have the birth experience they want. 

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Is baby on the way?

Learn about our award-winning labor and delivery department.