Weingart Foundation, Pioneering Advanced Care

Following their discharge from the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital, adult patients with chronic, complex conditions often have nowhere to go for follow-up care. That's about to change thanks to a leadership gift from the Weingart Foundation.

The Weingart Foundation has awarded the MLK Community Health Foundation $750,000 for the 2016 launch of a new advanced care clinic, the first strategic priority of our Advanced Care Program initiative launched in 2015.

The new clinic will be an acute care medical home for patients at highest risk of doing poorly at home upon discharge from the hospital and at risk of imminent hospital readmission. It will also help keep patients out of the emergency room by being an appropriate and trusted source of outpatient care.

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Staffed with a multidisciplinary, culturally aligned team of physicians and allied health professionals, the clinic will help fill the critical physician gap in South Los Angeles while providing individualized health education and ongoing support for self-health management.

This is the second leadership grant received from the Weingart Foundation. In 2014, Weingart awarded $750,000 to our Healthy Babies, Healthy Beginnings initiative.

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