Thank You, W.M. Keck Foundation!

Updated, January 2018: The Advanced Care Clinic opened its doors on December 27, 2016 and now serves more than 100 patients each month—all adults with complex chronic conditions. Today, care managers from the Advanced Care Clinic coordinate between the hospital and the clinic, delivering on the clinic's promise to be an effective source of follow-up care for high-risk patients discharged from MLKCH. One patient thanked her physician for being able to say “my doctor” for the first time in her life. Thanks again to the W.M. Keck Foundation for making it possible!

Group of three nurses in blue scrubs giving thumbs up

South Los Angeles is one giant step closer to having greater access to healthcare thanks to a $500,000 award from the W.M. Keck Foundation in June 2016 in support of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital’s Advanced Care Program initiative. The timely funding will be applied toward the late-2016 opening of the hospital’s Advanced Care Clinic.

The right outpatient care can save lives—but there aren’t enough doctors in South Los Angeles providing primary and specialty care for adults who need it. Keck’s gift will benefit 6,000 patients projected to be treated in the hospital’s new Advanced Care Clinic, which will offer much-needed outpatient services to support the adults in our community with complex chronic conditions.

In May 2016 the hospital leased its new medical office space on Rosencrans Avenue, where it will locate the Advanced Care Clinic. Primary and specialty care will be provided by physicians and allied health professionals culturally aligned with the community and recruited in partnership with UCLA’s Department of Family Medicine. We’re so pleased to welcome Keck among our family of funders.

Keck joins the Weingart Foundation and the Good Hope Medical Foundation in support of our goals to ensure greater access to care and better health outcomes for all of South Los Angeles.