L.A. Care Funds New Advanced Care Clinic

Our patients really need us – they find so many ways to express their gratitude. All of us at the clinic are grateful for the opportunity to provide quality care to this beautiful community. We truly love being here.

Dr. Juan Cabrales

L.A. Care has taken a leadership role in its partnership with the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital (MLKCH), helping to close the gap in care for chronically ill adults by awarding $500,000 to the hospital’s foundation in support of the newly opened Advanced Care Clinic (ACC). The gift was announced in May 2017.

Smiling portrait of young Latino doctor Dr. Juan Cabrales



For very sick adults in South Los Angeles, the Advanced Care Clinic provides transitional care following discharge from the hospital—an opportunity to return to health while avoiding a hospital readmission. Physicians in the newly formed MLK, Jr. Community Medical Group staff and oversee the ACC, welcoming the opportunity to serve South LA and receiving thanks in return.

“Our patients really need us—they find so many ways to express their gratitude,” says Dr. Juan Cabrales, who helped design the medical program at the ACC, where he serves as its first physician. “All of us at the clinic are grateful for the opportunity to provide quality care to this beautiful community. We truly love being here.”

Patients receive specialized support in managing their conditions at the ACC, returning to their primary care physician once they are stabilized. Local community clinics are strong partners in the ACC’s work, both referring and receiving patients. The gift from L.A. Care makes an impact throughout the South Los Angeles community, strengthening the network of services designed to support patient needs.

"We are pleased to support the Advanced Care Clinic as part of an effort to meet the health needs of South LA’s most vulnerable residents," says L.A. Care CEO John Baackes. "There is no doubt that MLKCH is making a powerful impact in the lives of Angelenos."

The new clinic, located at 2215 W Rosecrans Avenue, welcomed its first patients on December 27, 2016.

About the Advanced Care Clinic

The Advanced Care Clinic is the first initiative of the Advanced Care Program, a multi-pronged effort by MLKCH to address South LA's physician gap, expand access to healthcare, and improve the health and well-being of South LA's residents.

“Over time the hospital’s Advanced Care Program will offer an umbrella of services that will help fill the gap in the community’s continuum of care,” says Dr. John Fisher, Chief Medical Officer at MLKCH. “This clinic is our starting point.”

By ensuring space and operation support for an outpatient practice site, L.A. Care’s gift also helps recruit new physicians to care for South LA’s chronically ill patients. Capital and pre-opening support for the Advanced Care Clinic was provided by the W.M. Keck Foundation, the Weingart Foundation, and the Good Hope Medical Foundation.