Closeup of hospital name over front entrance

The hospital of the future

Building a model of health and wellness resources

On November 8, 2017, our hospital moved to the forefront of the public dialogue on the future of healthcare with article published by POLITICO. The article’s headline refers to us as “the hospital of the future.” It is part of an in-depth series examining healthcare delivery from a variety of perspectives.

The reporting includes interviews with health policy experts, hospital leaders, and community members, building a story about the ways in which we’re breaking ground—and forging a new model of what “hospital” means—by building health and wellness resources in South LA.

Every day at MLKCH we feel the hope and the trust that has been invested in us. We know, our patients know, and our community knows how much our work means to South Los Angeles. Thanks to the reporting from POLITICO, that work stands as a model nationwide.

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