The crisis of chronic underinvestment in minority communities

The Crisis of Chronic Underinvestment in Minority Communities
Credit: Francine Orr for the Los Angeles Times | Copyright: Los Angeles Times

In a new piece for the journal “Health Affairs,” MLKCH CEO Dr. Elaine Batchlor discusses the hidden healthcare crisis that drove COVID-19 outcomes in South LA.

She refutes the idea that patient outcomes hinged on access to heroic and specialized treatments. Rather, her essay explores how a serious shortage of primary care physicians and specialists, as well as a chronic underfunding for low-income communities has created an epidemic of poorly controlled chronic illness—conditions ripe for a community to become a pandemic epicenter.

“A lifelong lack of access to health care drove disparate COVID-19 outcomes in South Los Angeles,” Dr. Batchlor writes. “And that lack of access is directly related to our nation’s historic and continued underfunding of care for communities of color.”

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