Keith Corbin

Chef Keith Corbin

Co-owner, Alta Adams

Chef Keith Corbin is the James Beard Award nominated executive chef and co-owner of Alta Adams, the Los Angeles Times bestselling author of California Soul, and a sought after public speaker. 

During his youth growing up in the Jordan Downs housing projects in Watts, Corbin was involved with gangs and drug dealing, which eventually lead to his incarceration. It was in prison when he first started cooking and working in kitchens, which eventually led to a job with the LocoL restaurant group run by celebrity chefs Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson. From there, Corbin partnered with Patterson on Alta Adams, a "California Soul" food restaurant utilizing local produce and healthier ingredients to put Corbin's own spin on the food he grew up cooking and eating with his grandmother. Alta was named one of the best restaurants in the country by Esquire, Thrillist, and the Los Angeles Times, and called "Black Hollywood's top restaurant" by The Hollywood Reporter.  

Corbin's best selling memoir, California Soul: An American Epic of Cooking and Survival" was published in 2022 by Random House, named the LA Times Book Club pick of the month for August, and quickly optioned by Paramount to be made into a television series. Since the books release, Corbin has appeared on Dr. Phil, The CBS Morning Show, and many other national programs to share more about his incredible story and inspire others. Consistently giving back, Corbin regularly mentors youth from underserved communities and speaks at colleges and educational programs across the nation.