Kellie Jackson

Kelli Jackson

Owner, Hank’s Mini Market

Kelli Jackson is the second-generation owner of Hank’s Mini Market located in the Hyde Park community of South Los Angeles. Hank’s is a family-owned curated market that has been proudly serving the community for 24 years.

Kelli’s heart for her Hyde Park neighborhood stems from her father’s (Hank) dedication to creating a community-centric business in an often-overlooked area. Her Master’s degree in public art studies from the University of Southern California further developed her commitment to her community and sparked her passion to use public art to help redefine and reimagine places and spaces. Kelli also has a Bachelor’s degree in business management and the arts from Dillard University in New Orleans.

In 2018, Kelli helped facilitate a large brick-and-mortar transformation project at Hank’s Mini Market. This project reinvigorated the store. Today, Hank’s provides access to art, healthy food options, and safe spaces through its shopping experience and community partnerships.

A variety of businesses and organizations collaborate with Kelli to bring art exhibitions, monthly nutrition workshops, food giveaways, and more to Hank’s Mini Market customers. Today, Hank’s is more than a corner store—it’s a gathering place for the community and a bright spot in the neighborhood.