Daisy Award winner Jesse Lynwood (center) celebrates with colleagues

DAISY Awards: Kind hearts and smart ideas from two MLKCH nurses

Two nurses known for their compassionate and innovative approaches to patient care received the DAISY Award at Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital (MLKCH).
Jesse Lynwood and Bethany Jenkins, both MedSurg/Telemetry nurses at the award-winning community hospital, received enthusiastic applause from the crowd that assembled to celebrate the award, which is given to top nurses in more than 3,300 hospitals and schools of nursing nationally and internationally by the nonprofit DAISY Foundation.
At MLKCH, the awards are bestowed on only four MLKCH nurses a year. According to Charlene Gozony, manager of MLKCH's 5th floor telemetry department, both nurses won not just for their warm and committed manner but because they are “change agents” within the hospital.
Bethany, a clinical supervisor, is co-chair of a nurse-run committee to find and adopt best practices from other hospitals and care centers.  Her activism has led to the adoption, among other things, of a hospital-wide care plan for patients with heart conditions.  “She goes above and beyond,” said Charlene.  “She is very compassionate about what she does.”
Jesse, who joined the hospital when it opened as a PCT and rose to become a nurse, “builds wonderful relationships with his patients,” Charlene said.  He also serves on a peer review committee that examines past performance in order to understand where care can be improved.
Jesse grew tearful when his name was announced at the ceremony.
“My name may be on the award but this is a recognition of the hard work and care we all give to our patients,” he said. “This people at this hospital are here because they want to be here.  It’s not always easy but we care about these patients. To stand next to colleagues like that makes my job a whole lot easier.”

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