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Pregnancy and birth tips for second-time mothers

You’ve already had a baby. You have maternity clothes, birth stories, and even stretch marks to prove it. As a mother, you understand pregnancy and delivery. But did you know that your second pregnancy can be different from the first? Below are common questions about pregnancy the second time around.

Will I look different?

You may need to wear maternity clothes a little earlier during your second pregnancy. Get regular exercise and eat healthy foods. This can help keep your body healthy and get you back into shape faster after delivery.

When will I feel the baby?

Feeling your baby move inside you is one of the greatest joys of pregnancy. And as a second-time mom, you’ll likely feel tiny kicks even sooner. In some cases, it may be up to two months earlier.

Will pregnancy be easier?

Each pregnancy is different. And it is impossible to predict how your second pregnancy will feel. However, you have another child to take care of this time around, so you may feel more tired. To feel your best, be sure to get the rest you need. or and delivery be quicker?

Have you heard stories from the mom who barely made it to the hospital before delivering number two?

Babies usually don’t come quite that quickly. But you can expect a speedier delivery the second time around. Both early labor pains as well as time spent pushing may be shorter than your first.

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