New Versant RN Residency Grad Luz Acuna and proud family

MLKCH graduates its first class of Versant RN Residents

New nurses complete residency, gain job experience

A nursing residency that offers paid, on-the-job experience, generous benefits, mentoring and a guaranteed job at the end? MLKCH is one of a select number of hospitals nationwide that offers the Versant RN Residency, which does precisely that.

This past December, MLKCH graduated its first class of Versant residents, a prestigious, year-long residency program to jumpstart the careers of new nursing school graduates with guided, on-the-job experience in a number of nursing specialties.  

A key feature of the program is the pairing of a new graduate with an experienced nurse-mentor, or “preceptor” for the first 18-22 weeks. That mentorship, which includes side-by-side shift work, helps build confidence, says new graduate Amanda Tuazon.

“Everyone at MLKCH was very supportive and welcoming,” said Tuazon, who worked as a Versant resident in MLKCH’s MedSurg/Telemetry department after graduating from the University of San Francisco. “Having a preceptor at my side was a great transition into professional nursing.” 

UCLA grad Luz Acuña selected MLKCH’s Versant training program because it gave her the double reward of real-world experience and working with an underserved community. 

“I wanted to work with the underserved because they really need the care. It’s really fulfilling. I could be having a bad day and then one of my patients needs help it changes my outlook. It is very rewarding when patients see someone who really cares.”

New nursing grads who qualify for MLKCH’s Versant Nursing Residency enjoy:

  • Full pay

  • Full benefits

  • A guaranteed job upon satisfactory completion of the residency

  • Mentoring and debriefing sessions to ensure the success of the resident.

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Support at every stage of your nursing career

MLKCH supports nurses through several Versant training programs:

The MLKCH Versant RN Residency Program helps new nursing school graduates gain the experience, skills, judgment, and confidence needed to thrive in a professional career.

The MLKCH Versant Transition Program helps experienced nurses transition to other specialty areas.

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