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This February, get to know your heart in more ways that one!  February is National Heart Awareness month, a cause near and dear to MLKCH to keep our patients’ heart-healthy. Read on to learn about how to spot the warning signs of heart disease, what you can do to prevent heart attacks and strokes, and how living a healthy life is still within reach even after being diagnosed.

What are the warning signs that I might have a heart condition?
One of the most commons symptoms is having either chest pain or significant shortness of breath with exertion, such as climbing one flight of stairs. Women and patients with diabetes can often have atypical symptoms, such as abdominal pain. However when symptoms get worse with exertion, it can be a sign your heart is not getting enough blood due to blockages in the arteries of the heart. When experiencing these symptoms, the best thing to do is to get checked regularly by your primary care doctor.

What should people with a heart condition do regularly?
As the saying goes, 'Prevention is the best medicine'. For both patients with and without heart disease, there is a tremendous impact you can have on your own health in preventing future heart attacks and strokes. This can be achieved by working closely with your doctor to maintain your blood pressure and cholesterol levels within goal. The American Heart Association recommends 150 min of moderate intensity exercise a week, but even if you are not there yet, the most important thing is to exercise regularly, regardless of the time. 

Is it possible to recover from heart disease and live a full life?
Absolutely! Your heart is incredibly resilient. With proper control of risk factors such as obesity, blood pressure, and cholesterol, and with working with your doctors at MLKCH, you can continue to live a long and healthy life. 
Want to get your ticker checked? Make an appointment with any of the family doctors at MLK Community Healthcare at 424-529-6755. 

Learn more by downloading the heart education flyer below. 

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