Welcome message from our
Designated Institutional Official


It is an auspicious time to join the inaugural class of the MLK Community Healthcare Internal Medicine Residency Program.

Globally, the Covid pandemic has shown us that the role of health care providers has never been more critical. Here in South Los Angeles, the past year of Covid has also shown us the critical importance of medicine in the context of social justice.

Our Latino and African American patients were devastated by Covid at rates 3-4 times greater than whites. The reasons have everything to do with our nation’s long history of structural inequity and how that has led to pre-existing conditions and illnesses that made vulnerable communities like ours particularly vulnerable to the virus.

MLK Community Healthcare exists to right those historic wrongs. Our doctors are passionate and committed practitioners who feel that quality care is not only what is due to all people, regardless of income, but is in fact an act of social justice.

Our mission is part of a broader societal conversation about how we tear down the obstacles, personal, political, institutional, that stand in the way of health equity. In joining us, you have an opportunity to receive not just a rigorous, high-caliber medical education, but to take part in a larger movement to make our country a fairer and better place.

We look forward to meeting you.

Dr. John Fisher
Designated Institutional Official