Current Residents

Our residents come from different hometowns and medical schools across the country but they all have one thing in common: a desire to bring high-quality care to our vulnerable community. Here's what attracted them to our program and to South LA:

First Year Residents

Adaure Amuzie, MD

Hometown: Hayward, California
Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine

“With the opportunity to pursue this specialty, I hope to continuously evolve in my approach to medicine and help create lasting systems that will ensure the equitable quality of care for all.”

Robert Andalon, MD

Hometown: Moreno Valley, California
Medical School:  University of California, Riverside School of Medicine

“I was drawn to internal medicine for the opportunity to advocate for underserved communities and become part of the solution to educate and increase access to healthcare.”

Hsiao-Wei Monica Yamamoto Banks, MD

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Medical School:  Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

“My mission as a physician-in-training is to better understand social determinants of health to optimize the care I give.”

Mark Holguin, MD

Hometown: Ontario, California
Medical School:  University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine

“I admire how medicine offers the opportunity to foster trust and collaboration as we seek to help our patients live long, fulfilling lives. Additionally, providing guidance and education to our patients as we interact with them regarding their medications and diagnosis is a privilege.”

Shehan Thangaratnam, MD

Hometown: Tabuco Canyon, California
Medical School: California University of Science and Medicine- School of Medicine

“My goals for residency are continuing to learn how to appreciate the chronic and acute disease states, find teaching moments at every opportunity, and provide dignified, personalized care to those who need it most.”

Second Year Residents

Casey Charlton, MD

Hometown: Inglewood, California
Medical School: University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson

“MLKCH can prepare you to work anywhere.” – Dr. Casey Charlton, University of Arizona College of Medicine, MLKCH Internal Medicine Residency Program

Growing up in a medically-underserved community, Dr. Casey Charlton knows how important it is to bring high-quality healthcare to vulnerable patients.  It’s why he chose MLK Community Healthcare’s Internal Medicine Residency Program. “This is a place where what you do really matters, where the people you help really need and appreciate your help,” he says. It’s also a learning opportunity like few others. “Working with underserved patients, you’ll see advanced presentations that you only read about in books.  You’ll work with patients who truly appreciate your care. As a physician, you will grow both your skills and your heart.”

Sam Huang, MD

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Medical School: Rush Medical College of Rush University Medical Center

“I could see that the passion of the faculty would make this a great program.” – Dr. Sam Huang, Rush Medical College, MLKCH Internal Medicine Residency Program

What impressed Rush Medical College graduate Dr. Sam Huang most about the Internal Medicine Residency Program at MLK Community Healthcare was the faculty’s passion for their work. MLKCH physician-teachers are committed – not just to their patients – but to training the next generation of socially-conscious physicians. “One of the biggest thing I was looking for was a program that really cared about the residents,” says Huang. “This place does.”

Jae Kim, MD

Hometown: South Elgin, Illinois
Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California

“Other hospitals say they have a mission.  This hospital means it.” – Dr. Jae Kim, USC Keck School of Medicine, MLKCH Internal Medicine Residency Program

Want a medical residency program that lives its mission?  The Internal Medicine Residency Program at MLK Community Healthcare attracts top doctors with its commitment to social justice and with its high-quality, high-tech approach to serving one of the most vulnerable communities in California.  “I’m so grateful that I matched here at MLKCH,” says Kim. “What’s most impressive about MLKCH is that everyone – from the faculty to facilities – believes 100 percent in values and the mission. You can feel it from the ground up.”

Amy Morioka, MD

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Medical School: Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara Facultad de Medicina Guadalajara

“This is a place of welcome and belonging.” – Amy Morioka, UAG School of Medicine, MLKCH Internal Medicine Residency Program

Amy Morioka is a doctor with an activist’s soul.  As a medical student, she’s volunteered at migrant caravans in Mexico and at free clinics in the United States. When it came to choosing an internal medicine residency program, she knew she wanted a place that shared her passion for social medicine.  That’s why she chose MLK Community Healthcare in South Los Angeles. “I fell in love with the faculty and the mission,” she says. “Patients here know they are going to be seen, heard and taken care of.  That really sets this program apart.”

Jeffrey Shibata, MD

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, California
Medical School: The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

“I want to contribute to advancing the lives of people who often do not have people advocating for them, such as residents of South LA.” – Jeffrey Shibata, UT Health San Antonio, MLKCH Internal Medicine Residency Program

Dr. Shibata shares that medicine has a place close to his heart, having lost a family member at a young age. He’s volunteered in Mexico, which helped fuel his passion for helping the less fortunate and the medically-underserved. “Aside from working as hard as I can to provide the best medical care possible to the community, I want to be a voice, an advocate, for the underserved who live here,” he says. Dr. Shibata chose the Internal Medicine Residency Program at MLK Community Healthcare to help make real changes in the community.

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