Frequently Asked Questions

1. When are your interview dates?
Interviews for our 3rd residency class will begin on October 18th, 2023, and end on January 17th, 2024. The interviews are conducted weekly on Wednesdays.

2. Which hospitals do residents rotate through?
Our residents are provided the opportunity to experience top-notch academic centers in Los Angeles to ensure their academic excellence. The PGY1s complete their hematology-oncology at Cedars Sinai Medical Center and Cardiac Care at Harbor UCLA. During their second year of residency, our residents rotate in gastroenterology and palliative care at Cedars Sinai as well as neurology at UCLA and Harbor UCLA.

3. Is there a night float system?
Our residents do four weeks of night float each academic year in 2-week blocks. They have a night out attending who supervises them for 3-5 admissions each shift.

4. What is a typical day on ward service like as an intern?
The intern starts their day at 6:30 AM after receiving a handover from the night shift. They attend patient-centered rounds at 9 AM and look after 7-8 patients daily, admitting 1-2 patients each day. The day usually ends at either 5 PM for short calls or 7 PM for long calls.

5. Do we have Point-of-Care U/S training?
Our residency pays for our residents to get certified in POCUS so they may utilize their skills on their patients in the wards.

6. What are we doing for resident wellness?
We have an impressive Wellness committee that plans activities and social events. On your administrative Fridays you can schedule “wellness check-ins” with our licensed therapist.

7. Do I need to take step 2 to be ranked?
Yes. By the time we send our rank list in, you will be required to have your Step 2 scores.

8. How are residents’ voices heard?
The Resident Council meets monthly to receive feedback from two peer-selected residents, who then meet with residency leadership.

9. Do you support medical school loan repayment?
Our residents are fortunate to receive a generous $5,000 loan repayment award from the MLK Foundation each year.