2023 Dream Show Feature Nichole Steele

Nicole Steele

Director of Health Equity Programming, Social Justice Learning Center

Nicole Steele is the Director of Health Equity Programming at South LA’s Social Justice Learning Institute (SJLI) where she manages all SJLI farms and nutrition programs. Nicole's work with SJLI began with the creation of the 100 Seeds of Change Initiative, which helped build over 100 gardens in Inglewood and the surrounding areas. She has since helped expand SJLI's Health Equity Programming to include nutrition education with a focus on advocacy, establishing Inglewood's first community-supported agriculture and farmers market, and free produce distribution programs with rescued produce. Her dedication to food justice work began as a Baltimore transplant and Inglewood resident who has experienced firsthand the frustrations of living in an area that lacked access to healthy food.

She is a certified Master Gardener from the University of California, Los Angeles.