Dream Show 2023 Feature Brian "Goose" Davis

Brian “Goose” Davis

Founder, Legends Barber Shop

Brian “Goose” Davis is the founder, driving force and patriarch of South LA’s Legends The Barbershop.

After growing up in Youngstown, Ohio, and graduating from UNLV with a degree in political science, he traveled to Los Angeles where he tried his hand as a fledgling music manager.

Years later, Goose walked into a local barbershop to get a haircut prior to a job interview, the shop owners befriended him and offered to mentor him—an offer he chose not to refuse.

As a result of his zealous work ethic and natural talent, the owner’s $800 investment in his first set of tools soon paid off. Within six months, Goose was cutting hair full time and taking classes at American Barber College with renowned instructor Mr. Gibson.

After 18 months, Goose’s attention to detail and superior customer service brought in a customer base nearly double that of other barbers in his shop. In 1999, with the blessing of his mentors, Goose opened Legends the Barbershop on Fairfax Avenue. For over 20 years, Legends has served as more than a barbershop with great service and positive energy—it is a movement. 

Davis supports our South LA community by opening up his shop to MLKCH's "Man Up!" program and encouraging his clients to stay engaged with their health. "Man Up!" brings MLKCH doctors to barber shops throughout Los Angeles to discuss common health factors among African American and Latino men, share resources and education, and provide free health screenings.