Dream Show 2022 Highlights

A Salute to South LA

Saturday, January 15, 2022
7:00pm PST | KTLA5 & online

Explore the highlights of this year's celebration of our community. Dive deeper into the stories of artists, activists, and business leaders who are making South LA a home for justice, hope, and health.

South LA native and actor Desean Terry takes us on a journey of the place we call home.

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Photo of 5 people standing next to their bikes

The goal of 'Us' is to stay together. We want to stay healthy. Fun, fitness, and friendship. That's the core of it. That's what it's all about.

Kellie Hart
Alternating GIF of people high-fiving & a photo of a bike
Groups people next to their bikes, ready to ride
Rev. Rudy Rubio standing with his arms up, surrounded by community members
Photo of Rev. Rudy Rubio in PPE standing over a patient in a hospital bed

I try to be a bridge between this hospital and the community. It's where I live, love, and serve.

Reverend Rudy Rubio
Spiritual Care, MLKCH
Heart filled with colorful stripes
Photo of Rev. Rubio wearing a mask and hugging a community member
Photo of Aziz & Camille holding a piece of art in front of Aziz Gallerie
Photo of multiple pieces of Aziz's art hanging on a wall
Photo of Aziz standing in the street with his arms outstretched to his sides
GIF alternating photos of a man painting, and a closeup of his hands mixing paint

If we don't have people like Aziz, then the legacy of Leimert Park stops, and the legacy of Black LA stops with them—our culture is dependent on paying it forward.

Camille Davis
Aziz Gallerie Director
Colorful circles
Photo of a group of women & children smiling in the market
Photo of Kelli standing in Hank's Mini Market next to produce

The fact that she is sowing healthy foods, education courses, and access to art is really continuing her father's vision of supporting the place that he loves and the people he loves.

Judith Norman
Hank's Mini Market customer
Photo of the Hank's Mini Market sign
Colorful mural with Stronger Together words
Photo of Rhiannon & Joe
Close up photo of Rhiannon's hand strumming a banjo

Each of us has to find the way that we could be of service to our community…there's nothing else beyond that. All we have is each other.

Rhiannon Giddens
Exterior photo of the Equal Justice Initiative building

That is why we have to commit to a period of time where we care for one another, and we take care of one another.

Bryan Stevenson
Founder, Equal Justice Initiative
Health @ MLKCH
Photo of two women smiling

MLK Community Healthcare's mission is not just about healing bodies, but about health equity for a community who has not had it.

Dr. Park, VP Medical Affairs
Photo of a nurse putting a blood pressure cuff on a patient while outside