The Dream Show 2023

Be the Light

Saturday, January 14, 2023
7:00pm PST | KTLA5 & online

Join us as we celebrate the people who create light in our South LA community. This year, we share stories from entrepreneurs and artists alike who inspire change through their craft, purpose, and activism.

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Nischelle Turner, Co-Host, Entertainment Tonight

Nischelle Turner, Co-Host, Entertainment Tonight

Reverend Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas

Reverend Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas, Dean, Episcopal Divinity School

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Legends barbershop logo a matter of equity. It's a matter of justice. If people start asking, 'what's the deal with my food?'...What I want is for them not to only be able to ask the questions, but then to tell their story and advocate for the changes that they want to see based on what they're learning.

Nicole Steele
Social Justice Learning Institute
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Chef Corbin at a farmers market
Young girls from the Power Project wearing hockey gear
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