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Your Health

Your health matters

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We care about your health. Here are two tools you can use to manage your health: Know Your Basics and our Health Library. Start on your path to a healthy you! 

Volunteers at a community event

Know Your Basics

Our Know Your Basics program volunteers are here to help you start tracking your important health numbers. 

Meet us out in the community at one of our tents.

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Health Library

Here in our health resources library, you can find helpful information about health topics, including heart health and pregnancy. You can also learn more about the doctors, nurses, and what makes our hospital different.

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Your Safety during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Don’t delay care. Your safety is our #1 priority. It’s far riskier to delay needed care.  MLKCH is committed to keeping you safe at our hospital and health clinics. 

Build A Better Relationship With Your Doctor

Get tips for how to talk with your doctor about things that concern you. Learn why it’s important to ask questions about your health and medicine.

Good Health News From The Barber

Nine barbershops in South Los Angeles are teaming with MLKCH to bring health education to men in a place that feels comfortable: the barber’s chair.  

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Have High Blood Pressure?

There are many things you can do to lower your high blood pressure. Find out what they are.

Pregnancy Quiz

Test your knowledge about easing pregnancy and pains.

Having Baby Number 2

Your second pregnancy and birth will not be exactly like the first. There are differences you can expect, such as feeling your baby kick earlier.

Meet Dr. Lurvey

Nathana Lurvey, MD leads the team of doctors and nurse midwives who deliver babies at our hospital.

Meet Midwife Angela Sojobi

Midwife Angela Sojobi feels that childbirth is important, and she loves to help make it happier and easier for new mothers.