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Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

For Patients

Where is the hospital located?

We’re located on the Martin Luther King, Jr. Medical Campus in Willowbrook, Los Angeles. Our address is 1690 E 120th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90059.

Get directions for Metro, driving, and parking—as well as specific directions to our emergency entrance.

Who can use the hospital?

We’re open to everyone. Your immigration status is not important. Your ability to pay is not important. All that matters is that you need care.

I don’t have health insurance. What can I do?

If you don't have insurance, that's ok. We can help. We will provide healthcare to you for free or at a reduced cost. Our financial counselors can also help you apply for health insurance. 

Learn more about getting help with your hospital bills.

Why did you transfer my family member to another hospital?

Our hospital emergency room is open 24 hours, 7 days a week to anyone seeking treatment. In some cases, we can’t provide the special treatment needed for our patients. That’s when we transfer patients to a different hospital as quickly as possible.

Who might be transferred to another hospital?

We transfer patients who need any of the following types of specialized care:

  • Premature newborns, or newborns who require incubators and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
  • Organ transplant donors or recipients
  • Heart surgery
  • Some stroke patients
  • Brain surgery
  • Pediatric care (children)
  • Psychiatry (mental healthcare)
  • Chemical dependency (addiction, “detox” or “drying out”)
  • Physical rehabilitation services (recovery and returning to normal with some coaching and physical help)

Because we’re not a Level One Trauma Center we’re also not able to treat people who’ve had a major traumatic injury. Instead, we provide immediate care and arrange for a transfer to a Trauma Center. A major traumatic injury could be a: 

  • Car or other motor vehicle accident
  • Bullet or stab wound
  • Fall

Why does it take so long for an emergency room doctor to see me?

Our nurses immediately evaluate everyone who enters the emergency room. Our doctors see people with life-threatening injuries or conditions first, even if they came after you.

If you wait a long time to see a doctor or nurse, it’s because there are people whose lives are in danger.

If you’re worried about your wait, or if you think your condition is getting worse, please let one of our nurses know.

We know that waiting to see a doctor is hard. Thank you for being patient and understanding.

Are cell phones allowed in the hospital?

Cell phones are allowed, but we don’t allow any filming or photography in the hospital. This policy protects all patients’ privacy.

Having a Baby

Where can I get answers to my questions about having a baby at MLKCH?

Visit the Maternity Questions & Answers page to learn about having your baby here. We also encourage you to sign up for a maternity tour. At the tour, you can speak directly with our maternity team to ask questions.

For Visitors

What are the hospital’s visiting hours?

To support the social distancing critical to the COVID-19 response, no visitors will be allowed in Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital as of March 18, 2020 until further notice with the exceptions found here.

What are the visiting hours for the Maternity Department?

A spouse or one other adult, such as grandma, is welcome to be with you 24/7. Visiting hours for children and extended family or friends are from 8 am – 8 pm.  

How can I contact someone who is staying in the hospital?

Family and friends can speak to a patient day or night by calling our hospital operator at 424-338-8000.

When is the hospital’s cafeteria open?

MLK Café, our cafeteria, is open:

Breakfast (every day) 7 am – 10:15 am

Lunch (every day) 11 am – 3 pm

Dinner (Monday ­– Friday) 4 pm – 7 pm

When is the coffee shop open?

The coffee shop is open from 7 am – 3 pm every day. It serves Starbucks coffee and other drinks, as well as pre-made sandwiches, salads, fruits, and pastries.

Your Records

How do I get a copy of my birth certificate? Or my child’s birth certificate?

Contact the Los Angeles County Registrar Recorders Office to get birth records. Their phone number is 800-201-8999. The office closest to us is 7807 S Compton Ave, Room 102, Los Angeles CA 90001.

How do I get a social security card?

To apply for a social security card please go to the Social Security Administration website.

How do I get copies of my medical records?

If you were a patient at MLKCH between May 2015 to today, please call our Medical Records Department at (424) 338-8006 for assistance with the following:

  • Questions about your medical record
  • Obtaining a copy of your full record
  • Requesting an invitation to MyCare Patient Portal

For technical assistance with MyCare patient portal, contact our Data Interoperability Team by sending an email to

If you were a patient at either the old King/Drew Medical Center or the King-Harbor Medical Center (1972 – 2007), you’ll have to ask the MLK Outpatient Center to help you find your records. They’re right next door to us at 1670 E 120th Street, Los Angeles CA 90059. Their phone number is (424) 338-1000.

Employment & Human Resources

I’m interested in working for MLKCH. Where and when can I apply for a job?

See current MLKCH job openings and apply online.

Do you give preference in hiring to qualified individuals living in the community?

The hospital encourages and supports applications from candidates within the local community.

I need to verify employment for a current MLKCH employee.

Contact our Human Resources department at 424-338-8620.

Can I do a residency at your hospital?

We currently do not have a residency program.

I need to verify/credential a doctor who did a residency at King/Drew. Who do I contact?

Please contact Charles Drew University at 323-563-9373.

Maternity Tour

Meet our staff and learn about our maternity services. Our nurses will be available to answer your questions.


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