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What to Expect in Our ER

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The moment you arrive

We begin your care

From the first second you arrive to our emergency room, you're under our care. We begin to create your personal treatment plan as soon as we see you. 

We provide emergency care differently. For one thing, our doctors actually come into the waiting room to talk with patients! Also, even while you're waiting, our nurses are watching you, making sure you are okay, and updating your record.

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We have top-notch, highly trained emergency medicine doctors here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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We have a reputation for caring for our patients quickly.

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Every patient's needs are different. Treatment is based on need. If you have to wait, please be understanding that our doctors and nurses must prioritize the most serious cases first.

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 We work as a team. Expect to be seen by multiple nurses and care providers.

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There are different ways to be seen.  Sometimes, the fastest way for you to get treatment may be in a chair.  For other cases, we may see you in a private examination area. Our staff will decide where we can treat you most effectively.

Security & safety

We do everything we can to ensure that our hospital is a safe environment for our patients and visitors. A security check is part of every emergency room visit.

Family & support people

For the privacy of our patients in the treatment area, family members or friends are asked to remain in the waiting room while you receive treatment. Our nurses will offer to give updates to whoever is waiting for you.


If you need a type of treatment that we don’t provide yet, we may transfer you from our emergency room to another hospital that provides that service.

Leaving the hospital

After a doctor says, "Ok, we're going to send you home now," there are a few more steps. First, a nurse will give you instructions for taking care of yourself at home. You may also get a prescription. When it’s time for you to go, the nurse will take your hospital ID from you and let you know you’re all set.


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