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Meet Midwife Cathy Berkovitz

Cathy’s priority is to “trust the process,” giving mothers the time, support, and space they need to have a healthy, safe birth.

When Pregnancy Leads To Diabetes

What is gestational diabetes? Who is at risk to develop this condition? What can you do if you have it? Find out.

Pregnancy Facts and Fiction

True or false: You have to eat for two when you’re pregnant. Find out if common pregnancy myths are fact—or fiction.

Have A Healthy Pregnancy

Are you having a baby, or planning to get pregnant? Our maternity doctors share tips to help you have a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy Quiz

Test your knowledge about easing pregnancy and pains.

Having Baby Number 2

Your second pregnancy and birth will not be exactly like the first. There are differences you can expect, such as feeling your baby kick earlier.

Meet Dr. Lurvey

Nathana Lurvey, MD leads the team of doctors and nurse midwives who deliver babies at our hospital.

Meet Midwife Angela Sojobi

Midwife Angela Sojobi feels that childbirth is important, and she loves to help make it happier and easier for new mothers.

Kaiser Awards $2 Million

The 2014 funds were instrumental in doubling the capacity of our Maternity Department.

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